Branch: United States Army

MOS: 95B Military Police

Unit: 59th MP Company, Ft Carson

Age: 39


Before VO2 and DDC, I was lost. I would dabble in different fitness  methods here and there. I had no friends besides the people I worked  with. On my days off, I was a hermit. I worked out by myself. I’d do nothing fun on my own or of my own accord. My husband was my only friend. Sounds sad really. It was. It was a dark, dark time. I looked forward to nothing except the end of the day when I could poor a glass of wine or crack a beer or two or three. The next day I would be so blah, that my day was ruined and by this my family’s day was ruined. It was an up and down roller coaster of goodish and bad days. One day my daughter talked me into checking out DDC during a competitive WOD. I saw people of all sizes and ages working hard! I was so intrigued. After my first class I was hooked. The focus on the military and veteran support  made me feel even more welcome, accepted and proud. Also, the fact that Coach Carter was so open about his substance abuse and recent sobriety gave me the hope that I would be okay and it was possible to an awesome athlete and person if I just worked hard and was honest with myself.


I am probably the newest member to VO2, but have always wanted to  attend the meetings and see what it was all about. About 2 months ago I  made sure my son was taken care of and said I’d be home after VO2. After  my first meeting, I was amazed at how it opened up a part of me that I  haven’t felt since being in the Army. I felt like I was part of  something. I felt comradery and acceptance. These feelings are what I  had been craving and did not even know it. This group of people on top  of belonging to DDC have saved my life. I have suffered with anxiety and  depression for most of my life. It has been  a little easier to handle  as I have gotten older, but it still would overtake me and happiness was  unattainable no matter what I did on my own. Belonging to this group  gives me an outlet to be myself and also feel descent about me and my “state.” I have turned to alcohol less and less since becoming involved in VO2 and DDC. I cannot be more thankful for how this organization has  helped me regain my self-esteem and strive for more every day. I am  going to obtain my Spartan Trifecta, participate in the Tough Mudder and the World’s Toughest Mudder with some of the greatest people ever….Veterans Overcoming Obstacles members! I am also going to obtain my CFL1 certificate in May!  I never thought in a million years I’d be doing any of this. This group of people and this organization have given  me myself back and with that have probably saved my family as well. I  am forever grateful for this life I have to look forward to. Thank you  VO2 and DDC.

None yet…but they are a bunch in my calendar.  


 Bigg Dogg Bragg, Spartan, Tough Mudder and World's Toughest Mudder

Jenny is an incredible person who makes a difference to everyone she  comes in contact with. Shes a true motivator and Veterans Overcoming Obstacles is proud to call her OURS!!!!!