Veterans Overcoming Obstacles is honored to announce our Veteran of the month for August 2019 is Steven Hancock.

Stevens story is heartbreaking, incredible and one of a veteran who hit  rock bottom and refused to quit. Congratulations Steven this is so very  much earned.

Stevens Story

Branch of Service: Navy

Rate: Master at Arms

Rank: MASN

Age: 30

VO2 events taken part in so far: 

Spartan Race

Future VO2 Events/Goals: Tough Mudder is the next event. I would like  to improve my all around fitness as well as possibly accomplish the  Spartan Super next year. 

I was deployed to Japan and the Middle East. I worked in patrol, dispatch, customs, and physical security.

My pre VO2 struggles are many. First and foremost I am a suicide  survivor. During my last deployment in Bahrain I attempted suicide by jumping from a 5th floor balcony. The injuries I sustained left me paralyzed from the waist down. I was dealing with PTSD and was not  receiving the help I needed. I was hospitalized for a year for recovery and during this time I went through a divorce. I then met my current wife (Jami) over five years ago and she has stuck by my side ever since.  Through struggles with the VA and a massive breakdown and battles with opiates and alcohol I hit my lowest low a little over two years ago. I found myself threatening the ones I loved and myself and landed in jail.  After going through treatment and essentially finding myself, life began to get back on track.

My journey with VO2 took a lot on pushing and encouragement. A buddy of mine introduced me to Chris two  years ago. Soon after that, Jami began training with Lexi and kept asking me to try a class. On my own time I decided I needed something  new in my life to really push myself to the limit and get my fitness back on track. I immediately wanted to accomplish the Spartan Sprint and set out to do so with the help of VO2 and an awesome gym family. 

Favorite Quote:

 "Embrace The Suck"


Steven Hancock