My name is Cora Hofmann, I have a BA in Psychology with a minor in Sociology/Women’s Studies and a MA in Clinical Mental  Health Counseling.  My first semester of college I took an introduction  to psychology class and I knew I wanted to study humans as individuals.  After moving to Colorado I started running and again much like yoga running opened up so much more for me. I started to fall in love with the mountains and when I met my husband I not only fell in love with him but rock climbing, snowboarding and backpacking. 

I found psychotherapy, meditation and yoga before I found CrossFit. Discovering each has changed my life in different ways.  When I needed yet another change of  routine in my life I went looking for something that would challenge me  physically.  I started hearing about CrossFit, so when I looked up  affiliates in Pueblo and I discovered Devil Dogg CrossFit. After the  excitement of doing something new wore off, I still find myself focused  on CrossFit. One reason being DDC is an encouraging family of great  athletes. The second reason seems to be due to the part of the CrossFit  definition that states “constantly varied.”