-Branch of service: Army

-MOS:63A -dentist

-Unit: WRAMC Dentac Stationed at Ft. Myer and I deployed with the 502nd Dental Company out of Ft. Hood to Iraq.

-AGE:  38

-VO2 EVENTS TAKEN PART IN SO FAR:  I have not done any VO2 events so far.  I started doing crossfit at DDC 3 months ago.

 -FUTURE VO2 EVENTS/GOALS TO TAKE PART IN:  I am not sure what events  are coming up, but I am looking forward to being part of an organization  that helps others look forward to the future and encourages personal  growth in various aspects of life.


-tell us about your pre VO2 struggles  
 I am divorced and I have 3 sons.  For 7 years I have been raising my  sons by myself trying to meet the daily demands of a job, a single  parent, and various other community commitments.  

-tell us about how VO2 came into your life and helped change it.
 A friend of mine invited me to go and work out with him at crossfit.    It is a great opportunity to associate with a community that is striving  to be more healthy; physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  It is  helping me to regain confidence through personal development.


-favorite quote? "In God We Trust" Official motto of the United States of America.

Paul Rose