Branch of Service: United States Army

MOS:19D Cavalry Scout

1st Squadron, 16th Cavalry Regiment (Fort Knox, 95-96), 4th Squadron,  7th Cavalry (Korea, 96-97), 1st Squadron, 4th Cavalry Regiment (Germany  97-00), 4th Squadron, 7th Cavalry (Korea, 00-02), 1st Battalion, 6th  Infantry Regiment (Germany 02-04), 2nd Squadron, 9th Cavalry (Fort  Carson, 05-07), 4th Squadron, 10th Cavalry Regiment (Fort Carson 07-13),  8th Army Non-Commissioned Officers Academy (Korea 13-14), 2nd Squadron,  1st Cavalry Regiment (Fort Carson 14-16)

AGE: 44

I have attended a few VO2 group sessions and would like to participate  in as many VO2 events as possible. My eyes are set on any 5K/10K runs  and the obstacle course event in the spring and summer. My goal through  VO2 is to just lead a better healthier life both physically and  mentally.


I have  had issue dating back to post 1st deployment in 2004, but like every  other trigger puller in the service I refused to admit it and saw  seeking help as a weakness. Three deployments later and a trip to Korea  things continued to stack up. I did manage to avoid any substance abuse  problems but was mad all the time and after retiring I had lost my  purpose. It started taking a toll on the family and my wife and kids  were always asking why I was mad.  I finally agreed to seek counseling  through the VA. I tried the Vet Center but didn't gel there. My wife and  I start couples counseling at the VA and saw some success but it was  more of a facade that I was putting on. It was a former Soldier and now  close friend on mine that told me about Devil Dog Crossfit and the VO2  program. I started attending DDC just to work out and saw a huge  difference in my attitude all most right away. It was a week later that I  decided to give the VO2 program a try. It has been good so far as my  wife and kids have repeatedly pointed out that I am much more pleasant  to be around. I feel much better throughout the day and the additional  couples counseling has helped reinforce everything. I look forward to  continuing this new journey and bettering my self both physically and  mentally. I also look forward to helping other Veterans with resources  and encouragement through the VO2 program.

Thanks Matt for sharing your story, we are proud to call you family.