My story before VO2 is no story, although it was Front Page worthy.  15 years ago, I became a Veteran. 6 years ago, I lost my family, or  thought so anyway. About that time was when I decided I no longer had  anything to lose, I was wrong about that too. Now, since I was a child, I  was a criminal. But, this was a whole new me, Crazy and bound to break  every rule. This is where my 15 minutes comes in, and I lose two of the  three most important people in the world to me(my two oldest decide dad  is a true lost cause, and I was); I got caught. No surprise there,  caught a charge, and lost my freedom. Now I'm a felon with no hope, a  cup of coffee, a porch overlooking my community garden, and quickly  deteriorating sanity. The Doc is raising my dose on Seraquil, in-patient  therapy is talked about, I'm going to drug and alcohol therapy group  meetings even though I completed months earlier; and a brother tells me  about Veteran's yoga at Devil Dogg Crossfit. Well, I don't want to be  sedated, or institutionalized, so I give Chris Carter a call. Long story  short, he runs VO2 as well; and I have community service to complete. I  ask the man for help, and he helps; now this is new. No jokes, no guilt  trips or push-offs; the man puts me to work.

    First day he  makes me sit around and get water for the athletes, nothing big. What  are they doing; Crossfit. He starts by telling the story of the Hero  that died for his country. If you asked me his name, I'd have to say it  was "Murph"; but I couldn't tell you. "Christy" was the first Hero that  ever kicked my butt for, but not before I was allowed to earn my place  in the gym; and I still had community service to complete. I asked him  though, first day; "Can I do that?". "Start small. Can you be here at  6:00 tonight to clean the gym?" "I'm here, whatever you need" I told  him. "I heard about Veteran's yoga, but I'm broke." "No Problem, it's  for Veterans; Veterans work out free every Friday."....I didn't know  what to say then, still don't. Free, and it's the best medicine this  Salty Dogg has ever tasted. 4 Months later, I'm still cleaning the gym;  because I'm still broke and will Always pay my way. I'm at yoga WOD on  the daily, as previously stated. And I'm always fashionably late for  Veteran's yoga(I'm working on that), followed by great grub and better  company at Every VO2 meeting. We're not broken, we're not forgotten,  we're not lost, We're Veterans. 

We're VO2 For Life! 

Get Some!!!!

Thank you Brothers and Sisters for Everything,

Geno A.K.A. The Hatter

"I'll always tip my hat to you"