Branch Of Service: US Army

MOS: 35E - Radio and COMSEC (TS-SCI Clearance)

Age: 40 yrs old

I have attended many V02 meetings, yoga a couple more times, I have  participated in Beards and Brews x2, gone fly fishing and I participated  in a 5K with some of our VTC mentees. etc. 

To attend yoga on a regular basis and begin a work out routine so I can  participate in a minimal race like a Spartan Sprint. I have to work out  a bit to feel comfortable and stronger in order to accomplish this.

My work, for many years now is assisting veterans. I have assisted with  educational benefits, VA benefits, housing, food, etc. It's good work  and it helps our brothers and sisters on a daily basis. I love watching  vets grow and do more for themselves by getting a degree or training  that benefits them and their families. However, I am often times an ad  hoc counselor and mentor, which lead can often lead to very difficult  conversations and situations. I have walked a number of vets through  divorce, suicidal ideation, PTSD, affects from TBI, court issues, anger  at others, etc. Unfortunately, this can often have a very big impact on  me personally as I try to understand and help. It can be very physically  and emotionally draining and I don't do a great job at self care. I  have 3 kids at home and rarely have time for my own needs. This often  leads to a short temper, aggressiveness and other issues.


I began working with VO2 when I met Chris Carter at one of many  meetings for veterans issues. He was working with the Veterans Court  team and I decided to join him as a mentor for the vets going through  the court process. In the process of working with Chris and VTC, I began  joining VO2 for weekly meetings, yoga and the occasional event. Even though I joined initially as a way to connect and aid our veterans, I also found it to be personally beneficial. It was great to be able to go  to a place where I could connect with veterans, share, and listen, without being expected to have the answers. It provided me an opportunity for release and gave me a chance to do a few more active  things. It is always good to have an opportunity for comraderie and self  reflection. VO2 can benefit a wide variety of vets and I hope that I can help it continue to grow both in members and in the activities we do. I really appreciate the opportunity it has provided by and my fellow vets.