Coach Lexi Kristan is a recent graduate of Colorado State University-Pueblo with a Bachelors Degree in psychology.  She hopes to integrate positive psychology and yoga into a career someday. But until then she finds her bliss in teaching yoga and writing. She has contributed stories to online yoga publications such as Yogi Approved and Bad Yogi as well as the local alternative news magazine, The Pueblo PULP.

In her free time Lexi likes to spend  as much time outdoors as possible, especially at the family ranch just  outside of Beulah. Here she practices "dirt road yoga" and helps with the family business by branding and vaccinating cattle.

Although Lexi was never athletic growing up, teaching yoga has opened countless doors  for her. Nowadays she couldn't imagine her life without CrossFit and is looking forward to her next Spartan Race. Through these new experiences, Lexi has discovered that she loves working with anyone who  doesn't fit the stereotypical "yogi" mold. She has found a special passion for working with veterans, who can use yoga to battle PTSD and cultivate mindfulness.

As someone who loves green juice as much as she loves a good steak and has gone from barely passing gym class to being an instructor in the fitness industry she likes to think that she can relate to everyone.

Lexi strives to teach a class in which people can come to feel safe and accepted and where they can cultivate a healthy practice and a happy heart. :)