Congratulations to Lisa Boatz on being named Vo2's Veteran of the month for March 2019. Great job!!!

Lisa's Story

-Branch of service - Army

-MOS - 74D Chemical Operations Specialist

-Unit -

10/02 - 12/04

 342nd Reserve Chemical Company Bloomington, Il
01/05 - 10/08
307th BIDS / 12th Chemical Company Kitzingen/Grafenwoehr, Germany
10/08 - 10/14
5th Space Company Peterson AFB Colorado Springs, CO

So far the only VO2 event I participated in was the Silkies and Singlets Deadlift Competition at CSU-P.

I would like to participate in as many events I can and start coming to the meetings.

-Tell us about your pre VO2 struggles:
Prior to VO2, I struggled with motivation, anger and an inability to  find serenity. As my husband would tell me, I was wound up tighter and  my priorities were ascue. I currently work for Colorado Department of Corrections and have since 05/15. I was constantly working, volunteering  on my days off, due to feeling more comfortable being in a high stress  situation than at home. At one point I was
working everyday for a  month and a half traveling between two different facilities. The money was good but my relationship with my husband and daughter were  suffering. When I was at home, I wasn’t any fun to be around feeling on edge all the time.

-Tell us about how VO2 came into your life and helped change it:
Doing crossfit on my off time was a way for me to relieve some of the  stress before I got home. I found DDC because the gym I was attending  closed suddenly. Having looked at my options for a new gym, I liked the  feel and direction that Chris was going with the gym and VO2 so I  decided to go check it out. The kids class on monday and wednesday  offers a place for my daughter to go and release energy after school and  it forces me to be there also. The people we have met and became  friends with were so welcoming it was hard not to feel at home. The atmosphere is amazing. On Saturdays now, I have been able to convince my  husband to do yoga with my daughter and I and he’s really enjoying it.  The yoga has helped me learn how to just be in the moment, meditate and  breath. Now I look forward to my days away from work, spending time with  my family at yoga, cooking
with my daughter, and just be content in the moment.

Congratulations Lisa.....KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!