Below is Justin's Incredible Story:

NAME & RANK: Cpl. Justin D. Reid 


MOS: 1371 Combat Engineer 

BATTALION: 1st Combat Engineer Battalion 

AGE: 31 Years Old

The only event I've done is the Whalen WOD 2016 

I plan on doing every event that I am available and healthy for, from Spartan and Big Dogg Brag. To all of the hero WODS.



In the last ten years since I have gotten out of the military I've  struggled with PTSD and substance abuse issues. I thought that the way  to fix the emotional and physical pain was to numb myself to the point  that I couldn't feel anything. This lead to issues with law enforcement  and even worse a horrible painkiller and heroin addiction. 


VO2 has been a huge blessing for my family and myself.  Not only has it  showed me that I can be happy and healthy through excercise and yoga  but substance abuse and emotional destruction is never the way.  The amount of support is tremendous. When your feeling your lowest and  slowest there is always this wonderful group of people to pick you back  up, point you in the right direction, and kick your butt into gear. It's  also given me a sense of purpose. I know the events that VO2 and DDC  promote and aren't easy to run smoothly. So in the future I hope to  alleviate some of the stress by just being around to do whatever needs  to be done. 


I say thank you for believing in me and some times pushing me over the hurdles I've put in my path. I would also like to thank Lexi Kristan and Cora Hughes Hofmann for showing me that yoga isn't just for the girls and goes a long long gone way in repairing the damage I've caused my body. To all the other Devil Doggs at the gym OOHRAH and thank you. 

Lastly as of writing this post i have been clean and sober for 228 DAYS!!!

Semper Fi,
Cpl. Justin D. Reid