Veterans  Overcoming Obstacles would like to congratulate Rebecca Arnold on being  named Veteran of the month for September 2019. She is one of our newest  veterans but already her spirit and hard charging attitude is an  inspiration. Semper Fi Marine!!!

---Rebecca's Story---

-Branch of Service: America's favorite branch - the United States Marine Corps 

-MOS: I was formally trained as a 0481 (landing support aka Red  Patcher) and 3451 (financial management). During my first year at MFE/A,  I maintained the budget of our Georgian Deployment program. I was then  selected to be the General's Driver and enlisted Aide. 

-Unit: Marine Forces Europe and Africa 

-AGE: 31 


Spartan Race on Fort Carson 

-Future Vo2 events/goals to take part in:
 All of them! And to help Chris establish a Colorado Springs VO2 chapter


-Tell us about your personal achievements:
My most recent achievement was being the tip of the spear for establishing a physical trainer instructor program for the USMC. I was given the opportunity to attend the British Royal Marine PTI (physical  trainer instructor) program in 2016 where we learned from the world's best physical trainers. The condensed course was rigorous and I felt a  personal challenge to give nothing less than 100% since the Royal  Marines were in the process of discussing female integration into their  all-male branch. My Marines and I presented our recommendations to the Sergent Major of the Marine Corps, and in January 2017 the USMC initiated the Force Fitness Instructor program. The FFI program was  designed to help Marines train smarter, prevent injuries, and when  Marines are injured, to help rehabilitate them through activity rather  than the usual "take a knee, drink water, take a Motrin, and change your  socks" mentality the USMC used to have. It was amazing to see the USMC devote an entire MOS to physical fitness and injury rehab. 

I was  privileged to be able to represent the US in the 2016 CrossFit Games Meridian Regionals in Madrid Spain. I had my worst placing in all of the six regional events that I had competed in, but it was a great experience! I could not have even made it that year without my German/Swiss European training partners. I have not been able to train CrossFit much since 2016 due to a shoulder injury from the military but if DDCF, was closer then I would be there every day! 

-Tell us about how VO2 came into your life and how you see it being part of your life going forward:
I first got introduced to Chris through his Though Shall Not Suffer in  Silence fundraising event in 2015. I was thrilled to be a part of such an awesome event and showed my support by sweating and wearing silkies!  Chris and I have stayed in touch over the years. My family and I moved back to Colorado in 2018 and a friend of mine, Natalia, joined Devil Dog CrossFit. I grew up in Foster Care and witnessed family members  struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. On a personal level, I have  struggled with my own demons and I believe that fitness is the best way  to combat them. I love everything that Chris and his gym stands for and  am honored to be a part of what he is doing. 

-Favorite quote: 

"Ask not for a lighter burden, but for broader shoulders."