Veterans Overcoming Obstacles is honored and proud to announce the the 2018 Veteran of the year is Bradey Davenport!

Brady is a perfect example of what hard work an perseverance can  accomplish as part of the Vo2 program. All of our veterans work hard  each and every day to better themselves and we are just lucky to be here  to help them on their journey. 


Check out Bradeys story below

BRANCH:Marine Corps
MOS:0861 Fire Support Man
DIVISION/REGIMENT:1/11, 2/11, 2/1, 3/5
Age: 25

 Looking forward to being able to make regular meetings and events when  this semester ends. I hope to be a model and motivation to other  veterans in career and financial success. 

 My pre-VO2 struggles include the “post-military blues” as I would call  it. I knew I would miss the brotherhood and camaraderie, which I was  correct about, but I was not prepared for the loss of a sense of  belonging and purpose. I’m working my way out of a depression and  relearning who I really am as a person.

I  learned about VO2 by starting to attend the CrossFit classes at Devil  Dogg CrossFit. Chris was excited to welcome another vet and I definitely  felt welcomed and have felt that sense of belonging coming back by  being around the other vets at the gym and all the athletes and coaches  there. 

Great job in 2018 Bradey, keep up the good work and have an incredible 2019