Veterans Overcoming Obstacles is proud to announce our 2019 Veteran of the Year:


Natalia Kauffman

Age: 34

Originally from Virginia, the accent comes out when I’m back home and when I’m singing. 

I fixed land combat missile systems when I was in the Army (94A for those  currently serving, but when I started out, my MOS was 27E). 

I joined the Army when I was 17 (2003), turned 18 in Basic Combat  Training, and met some of the best people I have ever known. Many of  whom are still my close friends, even though I have not seen them in  years. 

I have been with the Devil Dog family for nearly a year and even though I  take rather long breaks because I can’t figure out my routine in those  times, the coaches and other members are always there with heart-felt  “welcome-backs.” I love doing the METCON’s, participating in Barbell  Club, and on occasion (though I should do it a lot more), getting my  yoga on. I love the gym and the people. The coaches are great and  everyone is always supportive. 

So far, I have completed two lifting events (Silkies and Singlets and  Colorado State Championship), two obstacle course events (Spartan Sprint  and Tough Mudder), a running event (Baylon Michael Myer Memorial  Run/Walk), and the annually held Devil Dogg Veteran’s Day Ruck Challenge  with VO2. I hope to participate in many more events in the future with  VO2 and Devil Dogg.

Going  into 2020, I want to continue to participate in events with VO2, be  more consistent with my health goals, and get bigger, stronger, faster. I  want my ass and thighs to get SO big I have to get all new pants and PR  all five of my major lifts (squat, deadlift, bench, snatch, and clean  and jerk) by 20 percent of my current 1RM. 

Thank you for selecting me as Veteran of the Year!