Mission Statement


Veterans Overcoming Obstacles (VO2) mission is to help Veterans  Battle PTSD and prevent suicide through health and fitness.  We  accomplish this through support group meetings, yoga, group fitness, and  obstacle course racing.  We are looking to rebuild the camaraderie we  once had in service, while bridging the gap between Veteran and  Civilian.  VO2 is a non-profit organization that is committed to helping  Veterans transition from service to being a healthy, active, productive  member of society. 

How We Help


Veteran's Overcoming Obstacles offers support to veterans in the southern Colorado community through support groups and sponsorship for various events throughout Colorado.

Every Sunday morning we have our veterans support group at 8am followed by yoga at 9am and obstacle course training at 10am, free to all veterans, at Devil Dogg Strength and Conditioning located in Pueblo West.

Vo2 Events


On top of sponsoring veterans for official events such as Spartan Races and Tough Mudders we host our own events to raise money for several different veteran causes and to give back to the community through shared unity and adversity.

Some of the annual events we host are Survival of the Fittest, Memorial Day Murph and 31 Heroes.  

Letter of Intent

“Helping Veterans battle PTSD and prevent suicide through health and fitness”

Veteran’s Overcoming Obstacles (VO2) is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit in the  state of Colorado with the tax ID number of 47-2158817 and entity  identification number of 20141636563. Veterans Overcoming Obstacles  Mission is to help veterans battle PTSD and prevent suicide through  health and fitness. VO2 accomplishes this through support group  meetings, yoga, CrossFit, and obstacle course racing. We are looking to  rebuild the camaraderie veterans once had in service, while bridging the  gap between veteran and civilian. VO2 is committed to helping veteran  transition from service to being healthy, active, productive members of  society.

VO2 has accomplished this mission through the creation of obstacle  course racing teams, participation in local events, and by putting on  their own events in which veterans and civilians can compete side by  side. The events that VO2 has participated in within the past 2 years  include:

Baylon Michael Meyer Run (5k/10k), Spartan Trifecta (The Spartan  Sprint, Spartan Super, and Spartan Beast), Tough Mudder, Pueblo and  Colorado Springs Big Dog Brag, Veterans Overcoming Obstacles Silkies and  Singlets Deadlift Competition, Veterans Overcoming Obstacles Hero  Workout “Whalen”, Memorial Day Murph, Chris Kyle Ruck March, Survival of  the Fittest, Veterans Overcoming Obstacles Annual Golf Tournament,  Student Veterans of America’s Baton Memorial March.

VO2’s current goals are to sponsor veterans to participate in  obstacle course races (Tough Mudder, Spartan Sprint, and The Big Dog  Brag) as well as various other fitness events, receive gym memberships,  and attend yoga classes. Along with, continuously increasing attendance  at weekly support group meetings and receiving testimonials that show  the significant impact of VO2’s programs. In the next 3-5 years VO2  would like to increase its members, obtain its own facility, and start  chapters nationally.

With the help from your generous contribution VO2 will fund a yoga  program specifically designed for veterans, pay entry fees for veterans  to participate in obstacle course races, various fitness events, and pay  gym membership fees for veterans. With more funding VO2 can assist more  veterans and impact more lives in the Pueblo community and beyond.

Thank you for your support. Semper Fi!

Chris Carter

Founder and Director of Veterans Overcoming Obstacles

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